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Jan 18

Some thoughts on Path

I’ve been playing with Path (or Path 2) for the past week and am really enjoying the experience. The app is slick, well designed and covers pretty much everything I do on a normal day, so it’s very easy to use it as a personal diary sort of device (more than the location diary that Foursquare tracks).

For what it’s worth, Path could easily have been Google+. Both are actually built on the same concept (sharing with a specific group of people). I’ve found that my addiction to Path is very similar to my early addiction to Google+, before it slowly phased out. I think the Google team recognized the same thing, which is why they offered $100+M for the service.

So what makes Path different?

- Better app. It’s a joy just to look at Path … while Google+ doesn’t even run on my phone (ICS on Nexus S).

- It feels personal. The Going to Sleep / I’m Awake trigger is probably unnecessary for most, but it gives the service a very personal touch. I use it to learn today’s weather. Google+, on the other hand, is running somewhere between Twitter and Facebook (great concept) but it precisely doesn’t give me a reason to use it (because I follow everyone on Twitter and Facebook).

- The sync functions. I can use Path as a gateway to broadcast my activities to the world via sync (Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, etc). It actually is one of the easiest way to update statuses on multiple social networks, and that alone is of huge value. With Google+, you are limited to the Google Network which currently has huge membership counts but no engagement.

- It doesn’t fuck around with my Contacts. Seriously Google, keep the Circles away from my Contact please.

- I’m sure there are other reasons. I will update if/when Google+ actually runs on my phone :)