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Apr 23

Microsoft and Lendingtree

Today I came across this article on GigaOM on how Microsoft came to dominate the various industries it was in back in the Gates days, and this passage stood out:

In a way that Apple never got prior to the second coming of Steve Jobs, Microsoft always saw developers as core to their success. The company worked tirelessly to ensure that developers had: A) The tools that they needed to succeed; B) Economics that warranted a singular embrace of all things Microsoft; and C) The marketing programs and sales channels required to successfully penetrate all levels of the market.

Switch up a few words and this could apply to any industry. For example, thinking about my work at Lendingtree, we need to execute the same plan, but instead of doing it for the developers, we do it for the lenders:

  • Provide them with the best tools to monetize our leads
  • Understand their economics on our leads so it’s a win-win for both parties
  • Have products for all levels of the market and being able to drive sufficient volume to meet demand

Essentially, we need to think of ourselves as a platform to connects consumers and lenders. Consumers should view us as the destination to get mortgage-related information, and lenders should look at us as the best place to get leads that helps them make money.